About Us

photoMilly Conley

From the time she was a little girl, Milly was drawn to work as a holistic healer. She began her journey by training in Kinesiology and Massage in her native country of Venezuela. She began her own work in massage therapy in 1991 before expanding her experience to include clinical work in physical therapy and weight loss.

After opening her own spa, Milly continued to expand her training by completing classes and seminars relating to beauty, holistic therapy, reiki, chakra balancing and wellness. She was certified as a bach flower consultant, adding expertise as an herbal nutritionist in 1993. Milly successfully operated her spa for 10 years, gaining a reputation as one of the best local massage therapists and weight loss consultants.

Seeking greater opportunities, Milly moved to the United States 15 years ago, overcoming the language barrier and continuing her education. After studying and training as a Master Esthetician in Utah, Milly  operated an in-home spa, allowing her the flexibility to be creative with her career and spend time with her family. Milly also believes family is the most important thing in life.

With over 20 years experience in holistic healing, massage therapy, wellness, beauty, and skin health, Milly loves to share her knowledge and skill with her clients. Milly loves what she does, and does it with an open heart, anxious to help her clients achieve their goals through a whole body wellness approach.

Funny story about her journey with the world of Wax!  After being extremely busy with her numerous clientele and upon many requested, she hired her cousin to start to do wax in her Spa, Her cousin decided to quit and the clients started to request waxing from Milly.. and that’s how she began in the world of hair removal.
She is passion about make others feel great and She has decided to open a Salon where she can offer services of hair removal with an extraordinary product that will allow the client to appreciate the benefits of the botanic ingredients, avoiding the difficulties of the normal complains about regular and synthetic wax .

Ashleigh Kieran

My name is Ashleigh and I’m Master Esthetician with experience in waxing starting in June of 2016. After graduating and getting my professional license, I pursued skincare and shortly after that, started waxing as well and delightfully came upon Always Smooth Waxing Studio. 

My passion is to help people look and feel their best. And as an attentive listener and skilled skincare and wax specialist, that’s exactly what I aim to do!