Lash lift Serum

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Our Medical Grade Formula nourishes eyelash follicles. Argan Stem Cells “turn on” your stem cells, Growth

Factors activate even the most sluggish hair follicles, Fitlash Peptide Blend feeds hair growth, and potent

Antioxidant Complex reverses damage and prevents new damage.

By week 2 of daily use, new fine eyelash hairs will begin to appear. By week 6 to 16 you’ll notice lashes filling

  1. Since there’s a several week cycle of hair growth, by week 12 to 16 you should see noticeably healthier,

lusher, thicker, longer lashes. With prolonged use, the eyelashes will maintain their longer, fuller, lusher

appearance. Once you have your lushest lashes, you can dial back application to 3X a week for maintenance.

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