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“My goal is to offer a better way to experience hair removal. Painless, smoother, and more natural than traditional wax. I want to give a new way to wax and get excited about becoming one of the best waxing salons in Utah. I want my clients to know how much I care about them. I make it a point to get to know every single one by name to help strengthen that bond of trust and friendship.”
Master Esthetician/Owner
Owner / Master Esthetician

Milly Aponte

Milly is the manager and CEO of Always Smooth Waxing studio. She has been in the industry for 26 + years. She loves people and her passion is to make you feel great about yourself by providing services that uplift your spirit inside and out.
Originally from South America, Milly came to the USA in 2003 overcoming the language barriers and starting again the exciting career in the beauty industry, she is a hard worker that is committed to making people happy through her business.

Master Esthetician


Ashleigh is a Master Esthetician licensed in September of 2017 and passed both exams on her first try! She states she got the best training she could possibly ever get from Milly. Her passion is to help people look and feel confident in their smooth skin whether it be from a wax or a facial. The relationships she develops along the way make it even more special! ” I love what I do!” 
At home, Ashleigh loves cooking and DIY crafting including costume making. “The things that bring me joy and accomplishments are always working with my hands and helping people!”

Chief Marketing Officer / Company Strategist

Veronica Aponte

Veronica is the Marketing and HR Manager at Always Smooth. She is a honorable graduate from the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. Veronica is behind all the funny content shared on our Tik Tok and Instagram Pages. She is committed to educate and market the services and products to the amazing standard they naturally hold. 

Receptionist / Secretary


We do not know what we would do without Michelle! She is the main point of contact through our phone and keeps up with Always Smooth inquires via Google. She assists with bookings and overall questions in regard to the salon. 

Company Accountant / Financial Advisor


Eilyn is our head of all duties with accounting and company finances. Always Smooth prioritizes giving all our employees a great compensation with amazing opportunities for both professional and compensation growth. Eilyn makes all this possible for our staff. 

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